Micro FUE hair transplants are expected hair loss solution. Micro FUE's innovative technologies make it the fastest and most effective way to receive a hair transplant. Instead of the traditional manual transplant process, a micro FUE hair transplant uses a micrometer to ensure that you receive an effective painless hair graft that you know you deserve.

Advantages of Micro FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

  • Very little post-operative pain due to state-of-the-art technology

  • No stings, no scalpel, and no agitation at all.

  • Scars free and provides minimal pain for optimal results.

  • Micro grafts extract from a donor area that has a high capillary density, are expertly obtained with a micrometer.

  • No damage to follicles or smoother cuts around follicles as a result of using a micrometer.

  • Each hair with greater accuracy can be accessed and a cleaner procedure as compared to manual procedure.

  • A world-class economic option.

  • A semi-automated procedure will help counter potential human error.

Procedure of Micro FUE Hair Transplant

Micro Follicular Unit Extraction, or Micro FUE, is a hair transplant procedure that is considered to be one of the best and most efficient hair restoration methods available.

The Micro FUE Hair Transplant is carried out in the following way:

  • An optical microscope is used to assist the micro FUE carried out at high magnification to protect the physical integrity of follicular units.

  • The transferred individual follicle is not damaged and remains safe for FUE hair transplants.

  • The micromotor, or air motor, uses needles that adapt to the hair follicle to penetrate the scalp while rotating very rapidly, such as a medical sewing machine.

  • The FUE micro hair transplant will create a natural-looking, original and authentic hair root, which will be worth it.

 After surgery, your recovery will be rapid, and you'll be able to enjoy life with your new hair root in no time.

Precautions after treatment

  • Wait 48 hours before showering, then wear a shower cover.You may only wash your hair on day 3 after transplantation and be very gentle.

  • Avoid rubbing under any circumstances. Even after a few days, don't leave your hair under the shower, use a cup.

Use a mild shampoo and place it on your hands first, use a small amount and gently rub it in your head.