Hair loss is one of the most common cases in women, and hair is a major factor in our self-confidence and satisfaction with our outer appearance. Women suffer from genetic baldness and hair loss due to a lack of vitamins and minerals or due to poor habits and use of poor care products, or due to frequent use of dyes. Thick hair indicates beauty and attractiveness for women.
Process of woman hair transplantation
Direct Hair Transplant (DHI) is a technique used for hair transplant without shaving,and it is preferred by many who do not want to shave their hair, particularly women.
Since the hair diameter in women is smaller than in men, the channels are smaller, not exceeding 0.75mm and the number of follicles to be transplanted does not exceed 2,000 because only few hair in donor area are shaved, but if the number of follicles needed increases, the doctor can shave more hair from the donor area.

About the operation

  • Local anesthetics Without needles, is replaced with special injection devices to prevent pain.

  • Follicles are removed by using a micromotor device that  is a thin needles up to one millimeter.

  • Then follicles are  transplanted one by one using Choi pens or other methods,depending on the type of technique used, an appropriate direction and angle for each hair is considered important to achieve a natural and ideal result